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Iron Doors. Best Price or Best Value... What are customers looking for?

Updated: May 17

Over the past decade we've sold thousands of iron doors across the nation. We write iron door estimates all day, everyday, and the biggest questions that customers have, always seem to be price related. When you go out to find a new car or a new home, do you go straight for the cheapest? the most expensive? or the best value? For many years now, KC Luxury Inc. has publicly offered to price match ANY iron door written estimate (So we have a lot of competitors estimates come across our desk) and we also offer to prove to our potential customers exactly why our quality CAN NOT be beat, and why our competitors estimates are usually not the best value, and many times not even the best price!

Unfortunately, this may come as a surprise to some... But our potential customers need to be aware that there are iron door companies out there that are trying to trick you! Here are some things to watch out for when shopping around!

1) As an example: If you are buying a door that is 38" x 97.5" (27.08 SF) Don't be surprised to see them charging you last second for 28 SF. Most door companies playing these games with your money know exactly what they are doing, and they won't even have the courtesy to send you a written estimate for you to see this for yourself. Shouldn't transparency be a quality you look for in a contractor? Our itemized and in-writing estimates are done by the square footage to the hundredth decimal place. Why pay for more door than you getting?

2) I'm sure of it, you have seen iron door companies offering a super low price per SF and then they add it all back up again by charging extra for ANY other aspect needed. Such as Custom Orders, LowE glass, Eyebrow Top, Arch Top & many, many other optional upgrades. There's usually only a few in-stock doors that they will sell for their deceitful advertised pricing. We've even seen door companies that also require you to use their handle sets which is where a lot of their profit margins are regained. This is the sole reason why it's extremely important to have you estimate in writing. You're not going to want to get your hopes up when dealing with their classic "bait and switch" sales tactics. At KC Luxury Iron Door Company every penny is itemized on your 100% free written estimate with ZERO extra charges for that custom door you've always wanted, the shape you want, and the glass you want.

3) Quality... by far the most important research required when purchasing an Iron Door. You hear it everywhere... "Best quality", "Our quality can't be beat", "12 gauge steel". Well... It's Fake News folks... If choosing a quality iron door was as easy as knowing the gauge of the steel, you'd have it made in the shade. I'll use the car buying process as an analogy again... Wouldn't you want to know if the car (or iron door) squeaked every time it moved after only owning it for a few months? Would you want to know what was being used for rust protection? Is is efficient? Does this car (or door) have terrible reviews? Does the manufacturer stand behind this car? What do their reviews look like?

The purpose of this blog is to open the eyes of consumers in the market for iron doors. Iron doors should always be treated as a luxury item, the design process should be personalized and helpful, and the door has to be built to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Shop around, make an appointment to visit our showroom to see and feel the quality difference for yourself, you will find that you can buy a luxury iron door for the best possible price with KC Luxury Iron Door Company.

Home with iron and glass doors and windows made by KC luxury Doors

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05 nov 2021

KC Luxury Doors… yes they are the real deal! From the first contact with my sales representative Brad, up through the installation of my beautiful front door, installed by Greg and Colby, the process and customer service was excellent. Greg, did the installation and I am so pleased with his outstanding services. He definitely went the extra mile to make sure I was completely satisfied. He shared his vast knowledge about the products sold by KC luxury and I’m ready to explore purchasing more of their products. Their new show room is a must see. Thank you again to Brad, Greg and Colby. Elaine, Haslet, Texas

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