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KC! Coast to Coast...

Due to the overwhelming demand of quality iron doors on the United States Eastern Seaboard we have partnered with our military brother Jim Pewitt for a new KC Luxury Door Company location in the great state of Georgia!

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Jim Pewitt



Home builders across the nation agree that our doors are the perfect balance of strength and elegance. Every wrought-iron product we build is hand forged and built to the highest standards of quality in the industry. Every aspect of our manufacturing process undergoes multiple quality control checks to ensure that our doors make a lifetime of stunning impressions for the homeowners, and the builders reputation.



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What People Are Saying...

"I purchased a door from Byron for my custom home. I had it shipped from Fort Worth to San Antonio. He shipped it in an expeditious manner with all contents in tact. What happened next is what makes my experience great! My builder mounted the door hardware in the wrong place and beat up the door during install. Byron custom fabricated some adaptor plates, and overnighted that with some touch up paint. A few weeks later he followed up to make sure all worked out. I would highly recommend his company."

-Andrew Lewis

"The door is fantastic and the customer service was exceptional. We just built a house and with that comes lots of contractors ect. Byron is the nicest most professional person we have ever worked with. He offered a very fair price and really helped us far and beyond what we could have ever asked for. I would recommend him to anyone. I really mean that."

-Christin Morgan

"I LOVE my new door by KC Luxury Doors!! The door is high quality and absolutely beautiful. Not only great product but truly great customer service, something that is rare these days!! Highly recommend and would use them again if there was ever a need!"

-Sharena Wilkins

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