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Custom Order Process

KC Luxury Doors makes ordering new iron doors and windows easy. Our seven-step order process ensures that everyone can upgrade their doors or windows, regardless of their renovation skill level. Watch our "Custom Order Process" Video below to learn more. 

7 Step Order process

At KC Luxury Iron Doors, we’ve streamlined the process of ordering custom iron doors to make it easy and hassle-free for our customers. Experience the luxury of KC Luxury Iron Doors today!

Modern Wrought Iron and Glass patio doors from KC Luxury Iron Doors

Step 1

Measure The Height And Width

Width is measured from the outside of the left jamb to the outside of the right jamb. Its height is measured from the bottom of the threshold nose to the top edge of the header jamb.

Step 2

Pick The Shape You Need

Some shape options are arch top, eyebrow top, single door, double doors, with or without transoms or sidelights. 

Modern iron and glass double door
Modern iron and glass single door with sidelights
Iron and glass door that swings in

Step 3

Tell Us The Swing Direction 

Choose from left-hand in swing, right-hand in swing, left-hand active on a double door, or right-hand active on a double door.

Step 4

Pick Out Your New Style 

When browsing the styles, please note the options you like and the CAD numbers to reference

Traditional iron entry double door
Modern eyebrow glass and iron door with eyebrow transom and sidelights

Step 5

Choose Your Color

We have a variety of colors to choose from, including various shades and patinas for gold, bronze, silver, and matte black.

gold rush iron door finish
dark silver iron door finish
warm gold iron door finish
light bronze iron door finish
antique bronze iron door finish
medium bronze iron door finish
dark copper iron door finish
remix bronze iron door finish
remix silver iron door finish

Step 6

Choose Your Glass

Choose from our wide variety of glass options.   Hurricane and bullet proof glass are available.

Frost Glass
Delta Frost Glass
Water Cubic Glass
Tea Glass
Blemish Glass
Rain Glass
Pear Glass
Clear Glass
Aquatex Glass

Step 7

Choose Your Door Hardware

There are three hardware styles to choose from, or holes can be pre-drilled for virtually any door hardware that you may own.   Push bars, automatic closers, and ADA thresholds are available for commercial applications.

Traditional Scroll Iron Door Handles
Small Scroll Iron Door Handles
Modern Iron Door Handles

Our sales representatives are ready to help you with any step of the process.

Call 817-896-4204 

Elevate Your Home
with KC Luxury Iron Doors

Transform Your Entrance with KC Luxury Iron Doors. Embrace the perfect blend of beauty, security, and craftsmanship. Contact us to begin crafting your home's new statement piece!

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